Matthew Harwood

Jungian Analysis, Psychotherapy, Internal Family Systems

‘The psychological rule says that when an inner situation is not made conscious, it happens outside as fate.’  (Jung)

       Hosting Organisations 

    • Analytical Psychology Club, London
    • Bath Counselling and Psychotherapy Service (BCPC)
    • Bristol Psychotherapy Association (BJA)
    • Cambridge Jungian Circle
    • CG Jung Institut, Zürich, Switzerland
    • CG Jung Public Lecture Society, Bristol
    • Darfur Complementary Therapy Centre, Egypt
    • Guild of Analytical Psychology (GAP), London
    • Guild of Pastoral Psychologists (GPS)
    • Gloucestershire Counselling Service (GCS), Stroud
    • Independent Group of Analytical Psychologists (IGAP), London
    • Irish Analytical Psychology Association, Dublin
    • Newcastle University
    • Peter Symonds College, Winchester
    • Southampton Counselling Service
    • Stiftung für Jung’sche Psychologie, Switzerland
    • Taunton Association for Psychotherapy (TAP)
    • The Barbican, London
    • Wessex Counselling Service (WCS)
    • Zentrum für Tiefenpsychologie (Centre for Depth Psychology), Switzerland 

Testimonials From Workshops

+  ‘… your presentation was so clear you brought what seems a hugely complex area within range of understanding without losing any of its magic and mystery.’

+  ‘I found the workshop fascinating, informative and very rich. Thank you.’

+  ‘Absolutely excellent weekend – best workshop I’ve ever been on (and I’ve done a few!)’

+  ‘…the role-play was riveting.’

+  ‘This is one of the best in-service training days we’ve ever had…’

+  ‘The most helpful part was the theoretical input about how to set about looking at dreams in a systematic, disciplined and structured way.’

+  ‘The bit I liked best was the magic trick…. although I think I know how you did it.’

+  ‘Professionally presented.’

+  ‘Fascinating – very inspirational.’

+  ‘Your handouts were great. The more the better!’

+  ‘One of the most meaningful workshops I have attended….’

+  ‘I found you a very thoughtful teacher and you presented the material extremely clearly. Thank you.’

+  ‘I ….. feel you gave us a really safe day.’

+  ‘I liked the way you made people feel comfortable about contributing/asking, at whatever level. I was really impressed by this.’

+  ‘A brilliant day for me. Your enthusiasm and belief moved me on a big place.’

+  ‘What was the most helpful part was your enthusiasm for communicating what you evidently feel passionately about.’

+  ‘A very healing experience.’